We bill to-the-minute for tasks. That’s as good as it gets for project-based billing.

We start with a $500 retainer each month for two months. Our results are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Once we are working together, if you are interested in task and billing details, simply log into our secure portal at any time.

After two months, we’ll better understand your average monthly spend and we’ll adjust up or down accordingly. Funds not used are automatically applied to the next month. There is a minimum $250 monthly spend for our services.

If you have any questions while on this page, call or chat or read our frequently asked questions on pricing. If you’re ready to start, book a discovery call.


An associate’s rate is $15 per hour. Subject experts are billed at $25 and $50 per hour. For example, an experienced graphics designer may be billed at $25 per hour. It’s important to understand that our rates include all the magic necessary for 100% delegation: a robust technical infrastructure, project management tracking, and process monitoring and improvement. 

Tasks requiring working specific hours

If your tasks require an associate to work certain hours on your tasks (such as inbound phone call handling, inbound chats, sales support, etc) then we charge hourly since the associate is fully dedicated to your tasks during those times. Learn more about how we plan our day and work our tasks.

What if I want to delegate tasks and the process isn't written down?

The great news is all you have to know is what you want done. Process capture and documentation is one of our many super powers. Learn more about how we help business leaders quickly transfer knowledge to our team.