There is no contract. We work together as long as it works for both of us. Cancel any time.

We want to meet all expectations to which we agreed. If you conclude we failed to meet your expectations, we will refund you up to 10 hours of an associates time or $250 maximum for tasks performed by subject experts. Read the details of our guarantee.

The minimum spend is $250 per month. We have this requirement because we work consistently on multiple tasks every week. 1 – 2 small tasks a week doesn’t fit delivering our exceptional value to our customers.

In terms of hours for an associate, the minimum is 4.5 hours per week for a total of 17 hours a month. We realize the hours may be unevenly distributed in a month and that’s OK.

Yes, you have a direct point of contact. Feel free to call or email your account manager during business hours.

Great idea! We’d love to set up a phone call with a current customer so that you may hear first-hand how our services helps a business leader to grow their business. Give us a call, a live chat or fill out the contact form with two dates and times you will be available and your time zone. We’ll coordinate with a customer to make sure you two connect.

Our main office is located in Melbourne, Florida. Our business is open Monday through Friday 8 AM – 5 PM US Eastern Standard Time. We observe customary United States holidays. Keep in mind our teammates are located around the world and tasks are worked upon during many different hours of the day (and night).

We prefer “associate” because we see ourselves as partners in growing your business. While the skills and knowledge of an associate are very similar to a virtual assistant, our associates have proven experience in much more including project management, documenting and improving processes, and coordinating with subject experts.

We have a outstanding team working on many tasks for multiple customers daily. While one associate is often most familiar with your tasks, we document tasks carefully. Therefore, we other associates who may perform your tasks. Our focus is delivering exceptional value on time as promised. Therefore, we do not guarantee the same person every time.

Most of the time, the answer is yes. The idea is that our team remains in flow getting tasks done right.  In certain cases, an account manager assumes leadership of a conversation:

  • Tasks need to be clarified.
  • There are unmet expectations or concerns.
  • You request communication during certain business hours.

Communication is very important to a thriving relationship. We will do out best to balance communication with our productivity.

When your tasks are worked upon depends on the time zone and work hours of the person (or persons) assigned. That’s a strength of our business model. For example, you may assign a task at 3 PM United States time, the task is worked in the night (your time) and delivered in the morning. For some tasks, our experts work in different time zones. Our teammates coordinate with one another. We’ll set a promised due date for each task (in Eastern US time) no matter the number of people involved.