How We Work

We work on a project-basis completing tasks you assign to us. You spend time growing your businesses. We bill to-the-minute so you only pay for time we spend on your tasks. 

We are a team of carefully chosen experts from around the world. Our leader is a former Chief Operating Officer with a software development background. We are able to understand and carry out your tasks properly and efficiently. As important, we take full responsibility for each task. You don’t spend a moment managing or holding people accountable.

We have our own business infrastructure. Project management, communications, time logging and more. We are fully trained to work together as a cohesive team. You don’t spend a moment providing tools or training people.

When a teammate encounters a bigger-than-usual challenge or needs help, we already have business leadership to solve the majority of issues. We have the experience to fully own your tasks, figure things out, and deliver exceptional value. You don’t spend a moment answering questions that we can solve ourselves.

When we need a subject expert for a task, such as developing a powerful, modern landing page for your sales funnel, we loop in teammates as necessary. We have many experts with many skills who bill to-the-minute. You don’t spend a moment recruiting people with certain skills.

Tasks Done Right is a business partner designed around talented people, excellent problem solving, high attention to detail, and taking responsibility. Most of all, each of us are committed to our mission.

Imagine leveraging the talents of such a team to grow your business. Book a discovery call today.