Meet Loren Strand

A software engineer and entrepreneur, Loren is the founder of Tasks Done Right. Before starting this venture, Loren was Chief Operations Officer for a $14 million dollar electronics component distribution company. He understands how to blend processes, people and task ownership to deliver exceptional value.


Customers have access to Loren’s talents as well as the whole team’s talents. It starts with a discovery call where Loren helps business leaders identify solutions and improve processes to grow their business through effective delegation. Once service is started, Loren remains involved to improve processes and solve challenges. He solicits feedback from customers to ensure that all expectations are met. He brainstorms strategies to help customers reach the next level.


Loren’s superpowers include being able to ask the right questions to develop meaningful solutions, understanding a company’s top-level business objectives and align task delivery to support those objectives. He has a knack to tell people what they need to hear without sounding judgemental.

In addition to his professional interests, Loren enjoys body surfing in the ocean, daily meditation, quality time with family and is always reading on a variety of topics.

Loren's Personal Mission

My mission is to explore, encourage and love. To live as my authentic self. To seek truth. To grow one percent each day. To build and deepen authentic relationships. To treat others as I would have them treat me. To radiate kindness, faithfulness, compassion and joy.