About Tasks Done Right

We understand entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business owners who want to spend their time growing their businesses with less stress. To be in flow. To be creative. To feel great about what they’d accomplished.

We take this so seriously that our mission statement ends with “freeing leaders to achieve their highest potential.”

For business leaders, that means you have a team doing what it takes to grow your business. That’s where we come in. Tasks Done Right exists to “ensure that small businesses thrive by delivering exceptional results on time as promised.”

Our Mission

Tasks Done Right ensures that small businesses thrive by delivering exceptional results on time as promised, thereby freeing leaders to achieve their highest potential.

A team of experts at your fingertips

Imagine having a team of experts doing what you need done without the traditional costs and hassle of traditional employees. A team that is ready to accept your business tasks and deliver exceptional results.

Tasks Done Right is led by Loren Strand, a former Chief Operating Officer with a software development background. If you’d like to leverage his and our amazing team of dedicated professionals — so that you may achieve your highest potential — then book at discovery call with Loren today.

We look forward to handling your business tasks. (And as we deliver exceptional value, we’ll do our best to turn you into a raving fan.)

Our Core Values

We start every task with the end in mind. We have clear directions so we reach every destination. We are intentional in everything we do so that our efforts bear wholesome fruits.

We act with courage. We take initiative, wise risks, and count every success and failure as lessons to improve.

We keep our promises. We say “yes” only when we are 100% committed. We mean what we say and act accordingly.