How we complete tasks

Every day we are organized and productive. Each customer has a project board. On each board we have tasks — each with a due date, a checklist, who is responsible, and a link to the appropriate process. We call this working on a “task basis.”

Each weekday, teammates work their tasks for several customers. We set due dates according to when we promise to complete the tasks. Once a task is completed, we inform the customer and ask for feedback to make sure we are delivering exceptional value.

When a teammate desires assistance from an associate or subject matter expert, he adds them to the task and uses our secure messaging platform to bring them up-to-speed. There is no effort on your part.

When a teammate desires assistance improving a process or reviewing his results, he loops in a quality teammate. We take pride in our work, so we check things carefully before delivering to our customers. There is no effort on your part.

When it makes sense to contact a customer about something, we come with clear questions and recommendations. This way, we honor your time and quickly get the clarification we need to continue a task. Rarely, we’ll request a brief meeting. Often, we’ll create a brief video so you may answer easily within your daily workflow.

May I have an associate work certain hours?

Yes. We are able to have an associate dedicated to your work during certain days and hours. This arrange means we agree to an hourly model because we are no longer working on a task-basis. We call this a “work-shift basis.” The associate is waiting to perform tasks the moment there is work to do. For example, answering inbound calls, making outbound calls, answering chats and emails during certain business hours.

To be clear, there may be more than one associate working a shift depending on her work hours compared with the work hours you desire. Because we follow documented processes, we cross-train teammates when it makes sense.

At this point, someone usually asks, “May an associate switch to my tasks when there is work and then do something else so I’m only charged for the time spent on my tasks?” Our answer is, “Because our mission is to deliver exceptional value to all our customers, when we have pay-attention-immediately tasks, we stay focused on those tasks during the required time period to deliver the best outcomes.”

If you’d like to discuss options, such as having inbound channels (i.e. phone, chat, email) answered only one or two hours a day, then that reduces your costs. At the same time it reduces the same day response time to prospects and customers. Nonetheless, they would get a first reply within one business day.  For many small businesses, that may be fine. Book a discovery call if you are interested in this option.