Delegate the busywork so you can focus on your GOALS.

You’ll grow faster and with greater productivity and precision when you partner with TDR. Imagine finally hitting your goals on time and with less stress knowing that your team is already in place, working efficiently for you around the clock.

We’ve already assembled your TEAM.

Those routine and important tasks are the foundation of your successful business, but they shouldn’t be your burden. Delegate those tasks now to our experienced, competent and caring team so together we can delight your customers and grow your profits consistently. Breathe a sigh of relief…now you’re free to focus on doing what only you can do!

What can we
do for you?

Effective Marketing

Build your sales funnel
Powerful lead magnets
Email campaign sending and monitoring
Sales funnel management
Social media management
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Efficient Operations

Customer support
Email management
Chat management
Spreadsheet management
Order entry and tracking
Data entry
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Scalable Sales

Sales support
ActiveCampaign Deals
Direct response copywriting
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and scalable.

I know what you’re thinking-your business is unique and you didn’t see the tasks listed here that you know need to be done in order to achieve your goals. Great! You already know a web site can’t effectively demonstrate everything a great team is capable of and so this section is just for you. Our strength is the quality of people we’ve assembled, who care about learning, who love to analyze and adapt and support your growth with our proven systems.

Technical expertise guided by experience.

You deserve better than to have your important responsibilities assigned to a far-off virtual assistant who might go rogue at any moment. Our operations are led by Loren Strand, a successful former corporate COO with a passion for continual quality improvement and process development. Our technicians and associates work closely under his guidance with project managers to ensure not just that the Tasks are Done Right, but that our work is oriented to the ‘big picture’ of your ultimate goals, so our activity is aligned with your organizational goals.

The devoted team you’ve always dreamed of.

You value transparency, reliability and predictability in your colleagues and subordinates. We work as partners in your business – not just contractors or freelancers who will disappear tomorrow – in what amounts to a ‘marriage’ of your hopes and dreams and our ability to achieve the tasks that build the bridge to those goals. Our team truly cares … making your professional dreams come true is a lifestyle for us.

A proven formula for measurable progress.

We’ll work closely with you to uncover all the details about your project so we can achieve your goals with precision, efficiency and timeliness. Our customers appreciate our intentionally methodical manner because outcomes matter, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a precisely coordinated effort. Success begins with a single discovery call, where we’ll listen closely and offer a diagnosis designed specifically for you.

Once you’ve paid the initial retainer of just $500, our team will jump into action working through your tasks, and when complete we’ll deliver the results for your review.  

Your feedback is vital to helping us continually improve our ability to exceed your expectations, so we expect you to share with us how we’ve served you well and how we can improve so your organization can grow with predictability.