The Value of a Discovery Call

Imagine participating in a video conference with Loren, the former Chief Operations Officer of a $14M company. He shares his screen with you. You see a mind-mapping tool. As discussion begins, Loren asks questions and listens intently.

He’s focused on deeply understanding your needs:

  • What’s the current situation? Your top business objectives?
  • What’s are the biggest pains to solve? The biggest gains to realize?
  • What would it mean to the company to solve these issues?

Right before your very eyes a mind map is developed. A visual story of your desires, pains and all the important details.

Loren continues to ask the right questions without judgement. Questions you didn’t think about. You provide more details. You brainstorm.

The mind map grows. You suggest some tweaks. Now, the map is clearly conveying your pain and options to address the pain. 

You are leveraging Loren’s experience. His team’s experience. You are discovering a plan, together, that will allow you to delegate tasks and focus on growing your business.

You choose the top priorities. Now you have a visual, workable planHow valuable would it be to you to book a discovery call? 

If you aren’t convinced this is worth your time (and we’d be surprised), then call Loren for a three minute chat. See if he is the caliber of person you’d like to have on your team.

Easy back and forth discussion

Of course you’ll have a chance to ask questions about our company, the team, success stories, how we work and whatever else helps you come to a decision. Get your questions answered.

If it would help to talk directly with a current customer, arrangements can be made.

Some projects will require a proposal. In those cases, Loren will make sure the mind map has all that is needed. If so, he’ll prepare and present a proposal for your serious consideration.