Get Booked on Podcasts

The value to a business owner to get booked on podcasts is lead generation and brand awareness by getting your message out to podcast hosts’ audiences. Delegate all the tasks to secure podcast bookings. The business leader gets involved when the host is ready to record a podcast.

What’s involved:

  • Research podcasts with audiences that contain your ideal prospects
  • Write a compelling series of emails to convince the podcast host you are an amazing guest
  • Find contact information
  • Deliver emails on a schedule
  • Monitor responses, follow-up and answer questions
  • For hosts who want to book, negotiate recording details

Who is involved:

  • An associate to manage the process
  • A marketing strategist to position you as an authoritative guest of great interest to the host’s audience, relevant topics you will speak about.
  • A copywriter writes compelling emails
  • A graphic designer to make the emails look professional
Skills: direct response copywriting, email campaigns, manage an inbox, negotiation
Time frame: solicit a certain number of podcasts hosts monthly

Common Misconceptions

  • You can easily find hundreds of active, podcasts with audiences who are your ideal prospects
  • You write one, simple email and podcasts hosts will book you

Related Tasks

When you record podcasts, what valuable offer will you make to the host’s audiences? Perhaps give away a lead magnet so prospects will enter your sales funnel. You appear generous. The host looks good. Your audience gets another item of value. As podcasts are released, that’s evergreen content that generates leads over time.