Tasks This Week

Task: Amanda has a website with a blog that has new articles monthly. We assist with writing the articles, create compelling featured images and schedule to post to be published. We optimize the page for keywords relevant to her audience (SEO) to help Google and Bing send more organic traffic. We create a downloadable lead magnet. When a user submits the optin form at the bottom of the blog post, a contact record is created in ActiveCampaign and the download is delivered via an email automation.

Tools: WordPress, Yoast, ActiveCampaign

Benefit: Generates more organic traffic from Google. Builds a mailing list. Delivers value to an audience so that engagement is higher.

Task: Mark has new customers fill out a detailed intake form at his website. We integrated Gravity Forms with ActiveCampaign so when a form is completed, the answers are mapped into the corresponding contact. The answers are organized, in a group and used easily by Mark when working with his customer.

Tools: Gravity Forms, ActiveCampaign

Benefit: Automate form data into a CRM to keep customer information in one place and useable in email campaigns.

Task: Mark uses Calendly to book meetings with prospects. We integrated Calendly with ActiveCampaign so when a meeting is booked, it flows into his contact management tool. Plus, when the prospect books a meeting he/she answers qualifying questions. We made a zap that imports these important answers into their contact record. Next, an automation triggers to send emails to the prospect to warm him/her up for the meeting.

Tools: Calendly, ActiveCampaign

Benefit: Automate meeting information into CRM to keep prospects moving through a sales pipeline.