Process Capture Made Easy

Business owners want to delegate tasks so they may focus on tasks to grow the business. Yet, the number one hurdle to delegation is a belief. Here it is, “How am I going to explain this process to someone else? It will take too long.”

Our reply, “Too long for what? Growing your business is what’s at stake.”

Accepting the (false) belief that transferring knowledge isn’t worth the effort is the difference between driving yourself crazy every day completing routine tasks (and feeling high stress) and having quiet, thoughtful time doing what a business leader must do — grow her/his business.

We have a solution that will change your world (and reduce your stress)

Rest easy friend, transferring knowledge can be straightforward. Here are the steps:

  • Make sure your computer has a working microphone to record your voice. Better yet, use a headset with a mic.
  • Sign up for a free account for a web-based screen capture tool (Loom, Screencastify). Log into your account.
  • Add the extension for the tool you chose to your web browser. (If that’s too technical, call us and we’ll help you.)
Now you’re ready to record your screen as you perform a task.
  • Choose the task you want to delegate. Take one task at a time so the video isn’t too long. You may always make multiple videos.
  • Create the right mindset. Repeat after me, “This isn’t fancy. I’m not trying to impress. Zero video edits. One take only. People can see my screen and hear me. I will move my cursor a bit slower so people can follow. I’ll speak every step out loud to explain what I am doing. I’m going to do this task as I normally would do it. Even if I make a mistake I will keep rolling and show the proper way. The only difference is that I am recording what I am doing and speaking my thoughts. This is easy to capture the process. This is so worth my time.”
  • Turn on the recording tool to show your whole screen. Perform the task remembering to speak and explain as you do it. Once done, click the stop button to save the video.
  • Tools like Loom create a link for you. Simply email the link to us so we may watch the video.
  • If the video saved as a video file (MP4) on your local device, copy the file to Google Drive or Dropbox or whatever cloud storage tool you use. Send us the link. If you don’t use cloud storage, call us and we’ll walk you through the process to get the video file(s) to us.

Give yourself a high five! What you have done is how hundreds of tasks are communicated to our team.

We take it from here

We’ll review your video and map out the process. The beauty is we can watch your video multiple times to fully understand. If something is unclear, we’ll do our best to figure it out. If something makes sense to ask you, we’ll write clear questions and communicate them to you. Next, we’ll contact you to see how and when we may have a (very) brief meeting to clarify things.

Remember, once the knowledge has been transferred to us, we may perform your task. We’ll perform the task a few times to make sure we have it correct. We’ll ask for feedback. This way, our team quickly creates a solid, documented process repeatedly delivers exceptional value to you.

We encourage you to discard limiting beliefs

Many business leaders have successfully used this straightforward approach to transfer knowledge. Once you know it can be done once, then you can do it again and again. The false belief, “It takes too long to explain” is shattered. 

Once we have the knowledge of what needs to be done, we take full ownership and you are free to grow your business and reach your highest potential.

If you have questions, need assistance or want to get started, book a discovery call today.